O Cante Alentejano

The Cante Alentejano is part of the strongest traditions of the region, together with the Alentejo gastronomy and wine. Singing is heard and felt. We become part of Alentejo when the powerful voices of the groups enter our soul. It is part of the region's identity because it is unique, not only in Portugal but throughout the world. For this reason, it was considered an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.


Cante Alentejano is a choral singing with two solo voices that alternate with a choir, in which they also participate. The stanzas are repeated in a cycle, repeated as many times as the singers wish. This repetition, as well as the slow tempo and the existence of many pauses make the singing have a certain monotony that is quite beautiful.

The themes of the songs, sung by groups of men or women, are usually sad. In the Alentejo song, the melancholy, the nostalgia, the love, the desires and the memories of the land where one was born is made known.

But Alentejo, and the chant, can also be happy. There are even ironic or humorous songs. In any case, the vibrant voices have enchanted those who have been listening to them for centuries. The origin of Cante Alentejano is uncertain: Gregorian or Arabic chant.

Cante Alentejano Group