Ponto Alto Restaurant

The Ponto Alto restaurant is a tribute to Alentejo, to Cante Alentejano: it is a place where tradition, flavors, originality and authenticity of the Alentejo culture are celebrated.

The kitchen headed by Chef Tiago Ribeiro is a cuisine with local roots, which seeks the originality of its products, centuries-old recipes, local products.

Small producers are partners in this honest and genuine cuisine, full of textures and flavors, but also stories and sensations.

Cracklings, coriander, olives, olive oil, black pork, cheeses, and regional sweets are just a small part of the enormous wealth that Alentejo offers us. We want you to discover a rustic and genuine Alentejo here!

Sit and make this trip to Alentejo flavors. Enjoy your food!

Book your table by phone +351 266703648